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SQT® Intensive Restore Cream

The SQT® Intensive Restore Cream is a masterfully crafted skincare product that specializes in repairing and reinforcing the skin’s fundamental ‘brick wall’ structure. This cream is infused with a potent blend of multiple anti-allergic ingredients, making it an ideal choice for instantly alleviating skin irritation.

Its unique formula is designed not only to soothe troubled skin but also to maintain and promote long-term skin health. Upon application, the cream works deeply to restore the skin’s natural barrier, essential for protecting against environmental stressors and irritants. Its nurturing properties ensure that your skin is not only relieved from immediate discomfort but is also being cared for continuously, preserving its healthy state.

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  • Weight: 1.69oz / 50ml
  • When to use: Morning & Night

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SQT® Intensive Restore Cream v

SQT® Intensive Restore Cream

Active Ingredients

SQT® Intensive Restore Cream Ingredients and Benefits
SYMRELIEF® 100: Reduces erythema and swelling.
SYMCALMIN: Anti-inflammatory and relieves itching.
Squalane: Locks in moisture and maintains normal skin barrier function.
Panthenol: Soothing and repairing.
Ceramide CPW1.0: Resists physiological aging and photoaging, restores the balance of the dermis.
Ectoine: Protects the skin, relieves inflammation, promotes long-term hydration, reduces hyperpigmentation, and improves UV protection.
4D Hyaluronic Acid: Makes skin soft and elastic, continuously replenishes moisture, promotes the renewal of skin cells in the pores, lightens melanin, promotes photoprotein synthesis, and repairs UV damage.

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